Christmas Advent Resources 2020

Christmas is not just a day, it’s a season!

And Christians throughout the ages have recognised that, remembering and anticipating the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ all through December, a time we call “advent” (a word that simply means “coming”). And so as we look back at his first advent, we anticipate his second advent: when our Lord returns in glory. It’s a time worth savouring, even more than Christmas pud!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a short list of worthwhile resources for children, families and adults that are worth considering this year during the month of December. Also check out the 2018 resources as well as last year’s for further options.

If you are looking to purchase any of these books, Booko is a very helpful tool to find the best prices and delivery costs. Some of the books are also available as e-books.

1. Advent calendars / story books

As we mentioned last year, the Christmas Promise storybook is a great resource for younger children – not only does it come as a storybook, there is also an advent calendar version, as well as a colouring in activity version of the same story – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

2. Advent Devotionals for kids

A Jesus Christmas – this devotional was also mentioned in last year’s post, but this year author Barbara Reaoch has released a sequel – A Better Than Anything Christmas.

These daily devotions in the Gospels give a thorough investigation of why Jesus came. In the lead-up to Christmas, families will explore 25 reasons why Jesus came, and they will see that what Jesus gives us is better than anything else we could wish for.

While strictly not Christmas related, this book 30 Prophecies: One Story would make a great Christmas present for older kids or for the family to go through together, as it takes us on a tour of some of what God’s Word says about Jesus and thirty different places in the BIble where you can find a prophecy about him.

3. Advent Devotionals for adults

There are a number of devotionals in past years that we still recommend – see last years post for more of that. A new one for this year, especially in the light of 2020, is The Christmas We Didn’t Expect which helps us to lift our eyes to wonder of the incarnation and worship the one who came to save us and make our futures certain.

Another older series to highlight is The One True Story by Tim Chester that picks up daily readings through the month of December from “Genesis to Jesus”. There are also two other books he has written in this series – The One True Gift (looking at Philippians 2) and The One True Light (the gospel of John).

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